Green Program

Spot On Consulting Group has committed to focusing on being as green as possible.  As business decisions are made, we ask ourselves if there is a green alternative, or even a greener alternative to our current practices.  We encourage all team members to identify opportunities to be more aggressive in the selection of eco-friendly resources and in the reduction of our carbon footprint.  We view environmental sustainability as a social obligation.  Below is a summary of areas we actively focus on.

Paper:  We work to eliminate the use of paper where we can.  We utilize multiple monitors on all computers, which helps reduce the need to print at all.  When we do print, we use paper with at least 30% post-consumer recycled product.

We have blue recycling containers throughout our office to encourage recycling and to make it easy.  Recyclables include paper, cardboard, print cartridges, batteries, and plastic bottles or aluminum that we may use.

We program our thermostat to be in use only during business hours.  When the office is vacant, we turn off the lights, the computers, and the heating / air conditioning system.  We buy energy efficient equipment such as our refrigerator and our technology equipment is primarily based on SAAS models so we can eliminate most server needs.  Also, while technology cannot replace face-to-face time with our clients, we utilize video-conferencing to "meet" with our clients while reducing our carbon footprint. 

Waste reduction: 
We encourage the use of non-disposable items such as coffee mugs and water bottles.  We provide filtered water to refill the water bottles for our staff.

Other:  We have worked with our landlord to look into other ideas such as water saving faucets and to provide enhanced recycling opportunities.